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LoveLoc Proposal Ring (NO diamond NO talk)
Diamond Proposal Ring Singapore GIA Certified Graded Diamond Singapore.

Shop your desired certified or graded diamond and precious gemstones proposal ring / engagement ring / wedding ring with LoveLoc.
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Best design and crafted Diamond Rings

Diamond, Precious Gemstones and Fine Jewellery:
Diamond and Precious Gemstones Certified by AGS / GIA / HRD / IGI and more …… by Trusted and Reputable Laboratory.

LoveLoc designs, develops, markets and distributes jewellery collections and premium brands through a network of subsidiaries and clients in 50 countries representing fine jewellery from every style. Our company boasts a vast array that comprises some of the more notable and creative jewellery designs surrounding four main categories: Artistic, Classic, Fashion and Gift. Based on Singapore, LoveLoc has grown over 20 years, from a small workshop into a multinational company with extensive sales and marketing operations, full-fledged manufacturing facilities, and a large design team from around the globe.
LoveLoc 珠宝成立于 1996 年, 是集珠宝设计、开发、销售为一体的跨国珠宝企业。公司通过优质的珠宝产品和高档珠宝品牌与遍及50多个国家的客户建立良好合作关系。我们拥有一支能创作出让人惊叹的珠宝首饰的优秀专业团队, 产品设计主要有以下四大系列: 艺术、经典、时尚及礼品。总部设于新加坡, 我们经过 20 年的成长, 从一个小作坊发展成为一个拥有完善生产管理、创意设计团队、丰富市场经验、良好客户关系的跨国企业。

“ASET Scope” is the Best Scope / Loupe to identify a diamond’s fire / luster / sparkle
*ASET Scope and *IdealScope are the most advance and trusted device or tool to check a diamond’s Fire, Luster or Sparkle.

*ASET Scope is developed by AGS Lab.
*IdealScope is developed by GIA Lab.

*ASET Scope and *IDEALSCOPE is based on ALL direction of lights travel within a diamond.
Every Angles and All Facets Percentages / Angles / Degree is taken into consideration. It’s a 100% Accuracy tool.
(Physically tested by a scope, not by calculation)

HCA or HCA score is too simple, it only use or calculate the light going through from the top of a diamond table and without the concern of all the facets angle, degree, % and many other factors.
(Technically NO Diamond Professional or Expert will use this as a guide)


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