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Is GIA gems grading laboratory a scam?

Yes, many of you would love to know the answer but I have none for you.
I would say some of the important technical characteristics were not shown in the report, like; “tinge” or “hue”, “milky”, “shaded”, “black inclusion” and so on but I am not sure is this consider …… (for you to decide).
That is why you will always confuse and don’t understand why there is a huge price different between the two pieces of same quality and spec’s graded diamond (graded by same lab), it was because it got difference in (“tinge” or “hue”, “milky”, “shaded”, “black inclusion”).

Why GIA graded diamonds?

Among all gemology laboratories, GIA has the most highest standard in term of grading. Meaning a same piece of diamond graded by GIA for a result of “G color, VS2 clarity”, triple excellent (3EX or XXX), other top reputable labs may grade as “E color, VVS2 clarity” or “F color VVS1 clarity” or “E color VS1 clarity” or ….
Which also mean you will be buying at a much higher price for a diamond that is graded by another international top lab.
LoveLoc isaGem recommend diamonds and gems graded by GIA.

Why buy from LoveLoc isaGem?

Honest …. that’s all


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