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LoveLoc Proposal Ring (NO diamond NO talk)
Diamond Proposal Ring Singapore GIA Certified Graded Diamond Singapore.

Shop your desired certified or graded diamond and precious gemstones proposal ring / engagement ring / wedding ring with LoveLoc.
Don’t Just Make It A Special Moment, MAKE IT LAST FOREVER

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Diamond, Precious Gemstones and Fine Jewellery:
Diamond and Precious Gemstones Certified by AGS / GIA / HRD / IGI and more …… by Trusted and Reputable Laboratory.

At LoveLoc, we believe firmly in the pursuit of perfection. Applying latest technologies and innovative approaches in crafting each jewellery piece, yet never forgetting the essence of fine craftsmanship. Stringent checks by our master craftsmen at each stage of production ensures that quality and workmanship are never compromised.
追求完美是我们的信念。 我们运用先进技术及高端科技, 加上专业大师精湛的细致工艺, 制作出每一件经典的 LoveLoc 珠宝, 当中先进的五轴 CNC 数控铣床制作纯金首饰, 透过严格管理及要求的生产环节下, 保证每件产品的质量和工艺均达到国际标准。

“ASET Scope” is the Best Scope / Loupe to identify a diamond’s fire / luster / sparkle
*ASET Scope and *IdealScope are the most advance and trusted device or tool to check a diamond’s Fire, Luster or Sparkle.

*ASET Scope is developed by AGS Lab.
*IdealScope is developed by GIA Lab.

*ASET Scope and *IDEALSCOPE is based on ALL direction of lights travel within a diamond.
Every Angles and All Facets Percentages / Angles / Degree is taken into consideration. It’s a 100% Accuracy tool.
(Physically tested by a scope, not by calculation)

HCA or HCA score is too simple, it only use or calculate the light going through from the top of a diamond table and without the concern of all the facets angle, degree, % and many other factors.
(Technically NO Diamond Professional or Expert will use this as a guide)


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