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LoveLoc Proposal Ring (NO diamond NO talk)
Diamond Proposal Ring Singapore GIA Certified Graded Diamond Singapore.

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Diamond, Precious Gemstones and Fine Jewellery:
Diamond and Precious Gemstones Certified by AGS / GIA / HRD / IGI and more …… by Trusted and Reputable Laboratory.

The Premier Diamond Distributor
LoveLoc Certified Diamond / Gem (LCD) promise you (for a same piece of certified diamond / gem) We are able to offer you the best lowest competitive price among all any other diamond / gem suppliers around the world.

Distributor for AGS graded diamond, EGL certified diamond, GIA graded diamond, HRD certified diamond, IGI graded diamond and more.
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LoveLoc designs, develops, markets and distributes jewellery collections and premium brands through a network of subsidiaries and clients in 50 countries representing fine jewellery from every style. Our company boasts a vast array that comprises some of the more notable and creative jewellery designs surrounding four main categories: Artistic, Classic, Fashion and Gift. Based on Singapore, LoveLoc has grown over 20 years, from a small workshop into a multinational company with extensive sales and marketing operations, full-fledged manufacturing facilities, and a large design team from around the globe.
LoveLoc 珠宝成立于 1996 年, 是集珠宝设计、开发、销售为一体的跨国珠宝企业。公司通过优质的珠宝产品和高档珠宝品牌与遍及50多个国家的客户建立良好合作关系。我们拥有一支能创作出让人惊叹的珠宝首饰的优秀专业团队, 产品设计主要有以下四大系列: 艺术、经典、时尚及礼品。总部设于新加坡, 我们经过 20 年的成长, 从一个小作坊发展成为一个拥有完善生产管理、创意设计团队、丰富市场经验、良好客户关系的跨国企业。

A sense of duty, openness and sincerity are the driving philosophies of LoveLoc. We believe in partnerships that contribute to the mutual growth of all entities engaged in our long-term vision and plans. To always create and deliver the best fine jewellery designs for the retail store front window. As the largest modern artisan in Asia, our mission is to deliver the absolute expression of creativity through each piece of jewellery and to provide unsurpassed standards in design and visual merchandising services.
LoveLoc 珠宝致力于最大限度地发挥每一个潜在的商业伙伴关系。 我们拥抱改变以及它所带来的机遇。我们致力于提供最优良的产品和优质的客户服务; 以及致力于拓展我们的全球性业务。 我们的格言 “超越想象” 体现了我们在设计方面致力于创新和改革的奉献, 以及在日常的商业交易和管理中付出的加倍努力。

Starting as a wholesale business about 20 years ago, the company has grown into a multinational company with regional offices in Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Dubai. From these offices, we run our global businesses and subsidiaries, specializing in manufacturing, branding, retail marketing and design works, servicing clients in over 50 countries.
Our business units and subsidiaries are focused on creating awareness, desirability and quality by developing creative and lasting products; backed by befitting marketing programs and campaigns. From developing strategies for our own businesses, to providing marketing and consulting services to clients, our motto is clear. Luxury and quality is best provided for with care and devotion.
LoveLoc 珠宝是一家跨国公司,分别在新加坡、中国、香港、迪拜设有办事处。通过这些办事处, 我们经营着全球的业务和附属公司, 专门从事生产、品牌、零售营销和设计工作。客户遍及50多个国家。 我们的业务单位和附属公司专注于开发创造意识, 可取性和产品的持久产品通过合适的的营销计划和活动。从为自己业务提供发展战略到为客户提供营销和咨询服务, 我们的格言很明显: 奢华和质量是最好的奉献。

At LoveLoc, our team of international designers are continually pursuing perfection, to bring a little piece of heaven to our designs. Known for our unique creativity and passion for exquisite and artistic designs.
在 LoveLoc 珠宝里, 我们的国际化设计团队, 以独一无二的创意与对艺术设计的细腻热情而创造一次又一次的惊喜。

At LoveLoc, we believe firmly in the pursuit of perfection. Applying latest technologies and innovative approaches in crafting each jewellery piece, yet never forgetting the essence of fine craftsmanship. Stringent checks by our master craftsmen at each stage of production ensures that quality and workmanship are never compromised.
追求完美是我们的信念。 我们运用先进技术及高端科技, 加上专业大师精湛的细致工艺, 制作出每一件经典的 LoveLoc 珠宝, 当中先进的五轴 CNC 数控铣床制作纯金首饰, 透过严格管理及要求的生产环节下, 保证每件产品的质量和工艺均达到国际标准。

Today, the LoveLoc wholesale business team of dedicated sales consultants, have expanded the business with clients in over 50 countries.
The philosophy of the founders to create and supply quality, creativity and service have been carried down through the years and is strongly apparent in the LoveLoc business methodology today.
多年来, LoveLoc 珠宝销售团队专注海外批发业务发展, 客户遍布五十多个国家。 提供创意设计、优质服务和高品质产品的公司宗旨, 一直是 LoveLoc 珠宝所坚持及实践着。

“ASET Scope” is the Best Scope / Loupe to identify a diamond’s fire / luster / sparkle
*ASET Scope and *IdealScope are the most advance and trusted device or tool to check a diamond’s Fire, Luster or Sparkle.

*ASET Scope is developed by AGS Lab.
*IdealScope is developed by GIA Lab.

*ASET Scope and *IDEALSCOPE is based on ALL direction of lights travel within a diamond.
Every Angles and All Facets Percentages / Angles / Degree is taken into consideration. It’s a 100% Accuracy tool.
(Physically tested by a scope, not by calculation)

HCA or HCA score is too simple, it only use or calculate the light going through from the top of a diamond table and without the concern of all the facets angle, degree, % and many other factors.
(Technically NO Diamond Professional or Expert will use this as a guide)


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